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Comparable Bonds Benchmark (CBB) is an overlay product developed for institutional investors and market intermediaries. The overlay is based on the recognition that multiple alternative choices are available to investors in the corporate debt and other bond market sectors. more

Comparable Bonds Benchmark (CBB) addresses the "ETF Bid" effect where benchmark bonds may be overpriced in rising markets and suffer excessive price losses in falling markets. CBB allows ETF Issuers and Market Makers to identify and analyse potential alternative bonds more

Structural illiquidity is not new to the corporate bond markets but was previously offset by the application of dealer trading inventory. In today's illiquid markets efficient management of comparable bonds is key to maximising investment and trading decisions. more

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  • Amundi
  • db X-trackers
  • Deka
  • First Trust
  • Invesco
  • iShares
  • Lyxor
  • ProShares
  • Source ETF
  • SPDR
  • Van Eck Global
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  • Wisdom Tree
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  • Russell

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